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The Genius Kid Activation course is a powerful program helping children and students to reach their full potential. This program helps students learn and master emotional awareness and self-regulation skills. These critical skills build a solid foundation for greater physical, mental and emotional health which results in enhanced academic focus, enhanced concentration, sharp memory, boosts confidence, positive social behavior and positive relationships, all of which are essential for success and well-being in today’s fast-paced, complex world.

According to Dr. Albert Einstein, “everyone is a Genius but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is a fool”. We believe that every child is a genius waiting to be discovered. Every child is unique in the sense of his/her talents, thinking, imagination and learning etc. Hence it is very important to understand the child’s personality and what he/she is naturally good at. This program has three basic aspects:

  1. Inherent Potential Analysis: Identification of child’s true talents, intelligence level, preferred learning style, personality traits, strengths & weakness, neuron distribution in left and right hemisphere etc.

  1. Energy/Aura Scanning:  This is a powerful and effective method of energy healing; it is based on the fundamental principle that the body is a “self-repairing” living entity that possesses the innate ability to heal itself. Negative energy or diseased energy in child is identified and healing approach is applied based on diseased energy.

  1. Activation: This segment of the program is composed of various techniques such as specialized Yoga for memory enhancement & energy balancing, Brain Gym, Eye exercises, binaural sounds and other techniques.

Having gone through this course, a child would be able to pursue excellence in whatever he/she wanted to do in school or in life. In terms of values this program is a wonderful and everlasting gift to a child.

Benefits of this Program:

  • Helps improve Memory, Focus & Concentration
  • Increased Self Confidence
  • Stress Reduction & Enhances Relaxation
  • Promotes Inner Peace & Well being
  • Better Brain-Body coordination
  • Increased Creativity
  • Improved Physical & Mental Health
  • Know Strengths and Weakness of child
  • Know Inborn Characteristics & Personality Traits
  • Know Preferred Learning Style
  • Help in Subject/ Hobbies Selection
  • Better Manage & Control Emotions

Recognize Powerful Inner Strength & Calming the Mind Children, who have attended this workshop, show unbelievable hidden potential. They can basically ‘See’ and ‘Read’ using their brainwave signals. It may sound unbelievable at first. However, after you have witness your child and other children showing this ability after the course, you won’t be surprised anymore. It is about your child’s path to Genius It is an amazing course that boosts your child’s learning ability, and unleashes your child’s hidden potential beyond imagination.


According to the scientist’s reviews, man only incorporates less than 10% of his brain capacity. This shows how awesome a human can be, if it’s utilized more. Genius Kid acts like a communication bridge connecting Left Brain and Right Brain. Genius Kid must be activated and fully functional to balance the usage of left brain and right brain. Once Genius Kid is activated, left brain and right brain can communicate. The science behind this concept of Genius Kid Activation is the technique of optimizing the function of our middle brain, which is the ‘Bridge’ between the left and right brain. Having this bridge activated allows for the retrieval of information between the left and the right brain, which leads to more efficiency in learning and absorbing information. It also brings out and strengthens characteristics such as creativity, memory, application skills, self-confidence and the ability to concentrate.

Genius Kid activation training adaption age is 5 to 15 year because in this age it is easier to absorb new things and also it is easy to adapt to new ways of learning. Regardless of the child’s current academic standards, the Genius Kid activation will further strengthen and improve their ability. If children can use their whole brain, this will help them to obtain higher success in their future.

The children can apply concentrated force send out the brain wave. They can be blindfolded and will be able to see the object, they can be perspective, they also can greatly enhance their ability to learn and improve their personality. Training a child’s brain to learn new things, whether academically, in sports or other extracurricular activities sounds simple enough. And it can be that simple with the revolutionary new technique of Genius Kid Activation.

Science behind MidBrain Activation:

MidBrain (Interbrain) has to be awakened by stimulating a hormonal discharge. In the human body, it is the pituitary gland that regulates the hormone secretions and this function has to be awakened. For this, it is necessary to activate the neighboring Pineal Gland. The pineal body secretes two hormones: Melatonin and Serotonin.

The secretion of Melatonin increases in the dark and decreases when it is bright..

Serotonin is said to be very closely related to the evolution of species and has the capacity to increase the intelligence of the right brain. Since the MidBrain is responsible for communication with the left and right hemispheres of the brain, the process of “Activating the MidBrain” will result in better communication with the left and right hemispheres.

As individuals grow older, the brain has the tendency to automatically assign one hemisphere of the brain to become more dominant in performing certain task (a process known as Lateralization). This means we end up using much less of our brain that we actually could! The process of activating the MidBrain reverses this trend and allows us to use our brain more efficiently, hence the improvement in cognitive abilities.


Once the ‘MidBrain’ is activated, children will have easy access to both the left and right brain. They will be able to Learn, Read and memorize things in a much faster speed and thus boosting their confidence, interest and concentration in learning.

MidBrain Activation helps in:

  • Super IQ
  • Bring out their hidden human possibilities
  • Speed Learning
  • Enhance well-balanced development of the body and mind
  • Multiple Languages Mastery
  • Superb Intuition
  • Nurture sharp sensitivity
  • Creative Talent
  • Photographic memory
  • Live on the principle of universal love and harmony
  • Contribute to society with a sense of oneness
  • Computer Calculation Speed
  • Enter into the ‘Peak Learning State’
  • Enhancing child’s concentration, memory and level of confidence
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